Mission and history
of the company


We create a space of opportunities. For those who change the world.

Our Strategy

UD Group is partner No. 1 for entrepreneurs. We do not sell space, but offer services for the development of your business. Knowledge and technologies work here. We do not build real estate, but create a single urban space where it is easy to work, live and find like-minded people. Here your customers are happy, the business is profitable, and the family is happy.

Mission and history<br> of the company
Infrastructure creation

Development history
UD   group

"UD Group" is the # 1 partner for entrepreneurs. We do not sell space,
and we offer services for the development of your business. We employ knowledge and technologies.
We do not build real estate objects, but create a single urban space,
which is easy to work with.

  • The development company UD Group was founded

    Starting from 2002 with small local projects, we moved to the development of progressive, modern infrastructure facilities, which are the flagships of the Republic of Tatarstan.

  • The business-center "Gvardeysky" was put into exploitation

  • The business-center "Sphere" was put into exploitation

    The "Sphere" is a complex of modern B+ class office space. The total area of the business center is 9,000 square meters.

  • A new company direction was created — Hotel complexes

    The hotel project "Mansion on Teatralnaya str." was put in exploitation.

  • The beginning of the building of a residential complex

    Construction of the apartment complex "Emerald City" with street-retail facilities began.

  • More than 3 facilities were put in exploitation

    The "Ramada Kazan City Centre" hotel was put in exploitation
    The apartment complex "Emerald City" was put in exploitation
    A kindergarten on Salikha Batyeva str., 3  was put in exploitation
    Reconstruction of the hotel "Mansion on Teatralnaya str."

  • A new direction was created

    A direction for the realization of full-cycle retail real estate development projects was created
    The shopping center "Druzhba" was put in exploitation
    The shopping center on Gabisheva str., 36 with a total space of 7,500 square meters was put in exploitation

  • "Sokolniki" apartment complex with street retail facilities was put in exploitation

    "Sokolniki" apartment complex is a complex of nine-story buildings with multi-level parking for 950 spots.

  • The grand opening of the shopping center "Gorki Park"

    "Gorki Park" shopping center is a place for comfortable shopping and recreation for every visitor, as well as an important city social platform, where unique promotions, educational and entertainment events for children and adults are held.

  • The construction of a modern family center for shopping and entertainment

    On January 26, UD Group began the construction of a modern family center for shopping and entertainment called "Kazan Mall" in Kazan with a space of more than 130 thousand square meters.
    The "Art City" shopping and office center was put in exploitation.

  • Opening of a "Smart Space"

    Smart Space” is a network of co-working spaces, where the workspace is a resource for business promotion. A well-thought infrastructure, a lot of locations, high-quality service and interesting people - all this creates a synergistic effect for the development of your business.

  • On December 5, the largest shopping and entertainment center "KazanMall" was opened

    Unique memorable solutions and materials were used in the construction of interiors of the family recreation center. The main concept was the creation of a bright modern interior, which is combined with the design of facades and the "KazanMall" brand.

  • On June 10, the Executive Committee of the Pestrechinsky Municipal District of the Republic of Tatarstan granted us permission to put the "Tsarevo - Retail Park UDACHA" in exploitation

    The retail Park in the apartment complex "Tsarevo Village" is located at the entrance to the apartment complex. The shopping complex with an area of 4700 square meters is designed taking into account the best European projects and trading experience in the conditions of the pandemic in 2020. The concept of the facility is aimed at providing inhabitants of the apartment complex with essential goods and everyday services within walking distance from the place of living, as well as creating a comfortable environment for recreation and entertainment of inhabitants of the complex.

    Lessees of the shopping center will be a grocery supermarket, shop of domestic technique and electronics, shop of cosmetics and shop of housewares. Also, a farmers market, pharmacy and an optical shop, book and stationery store, goods for children and many others will open their doors for inhabitants of the apartment complex.

    A new format for this location will be the co-working place "Smart Space" , which will be opened on the territory of the Retail Park. Co-working in Tsarevo Village is the second co-working place of the "Smart Space" network, where all conditions for remote work in a quiet and business atmosphere are provided – there are both workplaces in "Open Space" and offices for teams to work. In the meeting rooms, visitors will be able to hold master classes or organize thematic meetings.

    The opening of the Retail Park is scheduled for August 2021.


Our goals

  1. To improve the quality of living of customers who purchase high-quality goods and services

    We want to contribute to the growth of the life expectancy of the city's residents, of our customers, and of our partners. By creating popular projects and providing high-quality services, we create an area for the realization of the best ideas that are changing the world.

    To improve the quality of living of customers who purchase high-quality goods and services
  2. A creation of a single urban space in which it is easy to work and comfortable to live

    Our projects help to maintain a balance between work and personal life, by concentrating places for effective work, comfortable living, high-quality shopping and a variety of entertainment in a single area.

    A creation of a single urban space in which it is easy to work and comfortable to live
  3. Realization of non-trivial projects and high-quality services

    We are proud that we create such places where people want to work, relax, achieve their goals and follow their dreams.

    Realization of non-trivial projects and high-quality services

We create
a city for efficient

  • Administrative environment

    - Back-office functions (accounting, legal support, marketing support)
    - Organization of meetings with the authorities
    - Organization of business events
    - Sharing business spaces
    - Tax preferences

  • Educational environment

    - Meetings with mentors and business coaches
    - Financial literacy training
    - Implementation of successful international practices
    - Programs for youth with mentors and business coaches

  • Investment environment

    - Assistance in attracting private investment
    - Assistance in working with financial institutions
    - Own investment into projects
    - A complex of interconnected parts characterizing the efficiency of management investment activities in one particular field of the economy


We implement the concept of
Data Driven Company
in your city

Big Data

The company's use of Big Data technologies allows you to efficiently solve common and private business tasks, such as predicting key variables, identifying and segmenting customers for conducting targeted marketing campaigns, and identifying potential risks on time. By structuring the external and internal data flows of the company, we create an ecosystem of business intelligence products that allow a company to make accurate and fast tactical decisions in efficient markets.


The quality of data, the speed of getting structured information, the extraction of insights and the use of Decision Support System tools are all links in one chain of efficient use of company resources to get a strategic advantage in managing a real estate portfolio.

Moving to a New Paradigm - Data First

In our Big Data ecosystem, the main thing is data, their quality and consistency of harvesting. The more data we have, the more questions we can ask and the more answers we can give. The more ideas we discover, the more valuable our data and their sources become.


We are a Data Driven organization. Getting up-to-date information and insights allows us to solve the problem of optimal distribution of resources (financial, labor, and material) effectively. Decisions made on the basis of up-to-date data allow to make optimal decisions by each business unit in the structure of our company.


The victory in a competition due to better understanding of customer’s needs according to pre-performed analytics based on Internal and external data.


of opportunities

Management system

All application processes, software applications and
enterprise data banks are integrated between each other into a
well-built information exchange system online.

Sensing system

The company increases the number of customers and total
receipts, reducing its time, labor and material costs
to achieve a fast and significant outcome.

Development system

Quickly adapts its products and services to
needs with the help of continuous feedback; and conducts
permanent continuous monitoring of its internal processes and
activities on their optimization.

Application System

A single information space of all processes and systems
allows to reuse accumulated Big Data for various
purposes, avoiding costs for searching and additional data