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The right recruitment is a key to success in any business. We are glad to see in our team qualified specialists who share the key values ​ ​of the company.

Мугад Салихов
Директор дивизиона "Многофункциональные комплексы"
We work with those who believe in our <br>business and dream of changing the world

Company values

All technological processes are tied to the IT platform.
Remote monitoring system allows you to quickly
respond to abnormal and emergency situations

  • Responsibility

    - Be responsible for both positive results and failures
    - Follow the agreements, deadlines; if you pledged the word – keep it
    - Always talk openly about problems
    - Remember that you are the face of the company, people will judge us looking at you
    - Value your time as well as someone else's, be punctual

  • Developing yourself and the team

    - Search, analyze and use new information
    - Accept changes, adjust your work
    - Learn, share information with colleagues
    - Learn from successful companies and people
    - Go through an annual competence assessment and plan your development
    - Use negative experience as an incentive to develop

  • Performance

    - Set high goals for yourself
    - Clearly form the desired SMART result
    - Take initiative, learn to foresee consequences, make decisions
    - Allocate time wisely, define the main thing, make priorities
    - Focus on the result, bring the matter to the end, observe the deadlines
    - Be optimistic about achieving goals, if faced with a failure or problem, find new solutions
    - Measure your effectiveness by completed tasks
    - Improve Your Performance indicators
    - Perceive the goals of the company as your own, push for the company

  • Teamness

    - Respect the team and its goals
    - Be able to listen and hear the ideas of other team members, share yours bravely
    - Know how to negotiate
    - Always help your colleagues and partners
    - Be sure of your team and what you're doing
    - Psych up yourself and others for a positive result

  • Understanding and caring for the customer

    - Exceed customer’s expectations
    - Identify customer’s needs
    - Request and collect feedback, even unconstructive
    - Be ready to help the customer in case of operational problems
    - Build a "Win/Win" partnership with your customer
    - Respond to customer’s requests quickly
    - Be a reliable partner for the customer
    - Provide maximum service quality

  • Decency

    - Be honest with colleagues and partners
    - Report conflicts of interest
    - Always keep your promises