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For more than 20 years the company has been developing expertise in the fields of development and management of commercial real estate. UD Group portfolio includes premises of different kinds: multifunctional complexes, shopping centers, street-retail, business centers, co-working areas. The company’s key facilities are: KazanMall, a shopping and entertainment center; GorkiPark, a shopping center; UDACHA, a retail park; UNO, a multifunctional complex; ART Center.

About UD Group

Based on ambitious goals and our professional team we create new directions and invest in perspective projects. The company plans to become N.1 partner for entrepreneurs of the city of the future.

We expand the boundaries of our expertise; we are developing our venture builder, focusing on technological start-ups and innovative projects. We create Greengy, a network of electric charging stations, investing our resources in the energy of the future and additional services for our clients.

UD Group development history (Infrastructure establishment)

UD Group is N.1 partner for entrepreneurs. We do not sell property, but offer services for your business development. We have knowledge and technology working for us. We do not construct real estate properties, but create a unified urban space that is easy to work in.

  • UD Group development company was established

    In 2002, starting from small local projects we moved on to constructing progressive modern infrastructure facilities, which are flagships of the Republic of Tatarstan.

  • The Gvardeyskiy Business center was put into operation

  • The Sphera Business center was commissioned

    Sphera BC is a complex of modern commercial areas of class B+. The total area of the business center is 9000 sq.m.

  • We launched a new direction of the company – hotel complexes

    Osobnyak na Teatralnoy, a project-hotel was put into operation.

  • The beginning of our residential complex (RC) construction

    We started construction of Izumrudniy Gorod RC with street-retail premises

  • More than 3 projects were commissioned

    The Ramada Kazan City Center hotel was put into operation. Izumrudniy gorod RC was commissioned. A kindergarten at 3, Salikha Batyeva street was put into operation. The hotel Osobnyak na Teatralnoy was reconstructed.

  • We launched a new direction of development projects of full cycle retail property

    The Druzhba shopping and office center was commissioned. The shopping center in 36, Gabisheva street was put into operation, with a total area of 7 500 sq.m.

  • Sokolniki RC with street-retail premises was commissioned

    RC Sokolniki includes a complex of nine-storeyed buildings with multi-level parking for 950 spaces.

  • There was a festive opening of the GorkiPark shopping center

    The GorkiPark shopping center is a space for comfortable shopping and leisure for every customer, as well as an important urban platform where special campaigns, educational and entertainment events for children and adults take place.

  • Construction of a modern shopping and entertainment center for family recreation

    On January 26, UD Group started building KazanMall, a modern shopping and entertainment center for family recreation in Kazan, with a total area of 130 000 sq.m. Art City, a shopping and office center, was commissioned.

  • Opening of Smart Space, a smart platform

    Smart Space is a co-working network with its working space as a resource for business promotion. Thoroughly thought out infrastructure, numerous locations, high quality service and interesting people provide synergistic effect to develop your business.

  • Opening of KazanMall

    On December 5, opening of KazanMall, the largest shopping and entertainment center in Kazan. We applied unconventional recognizable solutions and materials in the interiors of the family recreation center. The principal concept revealed the creation of modern light interiors matching the design of façades and the brand of KazanMall.

  • On August 21, there was a festive opening of Udacha, a retail park

    The Retail Park in Tsarevo Village RC is located at the entrance to the residential complex. The design of the shopping complex with a total area of 4700 sq.m. is based on best European projects and the experience to trade under pandemic conditions of 2020. The park’s concept aims to provide RC residents with essential goods and services of everyday demand within walking distance from their homes, as well as to create comfortable environment for recreation and leisure for the neighborhood inhabitants. The anchor tenants of the shopping center are grocery supermarket, household appliances and electronics store, cosmetics and home goods store. A store of farm products, a pharmacy and optician’s, book and stationery stores, goods for children and many other stores opened for RC residents. Smart Space became a new format for the location, it will appear on the territory of the Retail Park. Co-working in Tsarevo Village is a second co-working of Smart Space network, providing all terms for distant work in a quiet and businesslike atmosphere: there are working spots in the Open Space, as well as rooms for team working. Clients can conduct workshops or organize thematic meetings in the negotiation rooms.

  • We received a construction permit for a Community-center ART and a multi-functional complex UNO

    On January 12, we got a construction permit for a Community-center ART. The concept of a circular format future community-center, including retail and work spaces, will harmoniously fit into the development plans of the area. Part of the project preserves the historic look of the city by reconstructing the façade of a building TsGFO (valuable urban-forming facility) (a kindergarten and a shop). The architectural solution of the main part of the community-center supports a bright and dynamic concept of ART City, a residential complex of a comfort class, and will be located on the front side of the complex. On March 4, we got a construction permit for a multi-functional complex UNO. UNO is a collaborative project of the companies UNO and Unistroy, combining a longstanding and successful experience in residential and commercial real estate construction, the first multifunctional residential complex in Kazan. The complex will be situated in the developed city district Novo-Savinovskiy, in Sibgata Khakima street. It features business class, modern architecture, a large yard with rich green palette and diverse public recreation spaces for children and adults, business halls, convenient underground parking.

Our company's experience

> 20 years

of commercial real estate

400K sq.m.

Our total experience in management (GBA) covers more than

> 10 million

customers in the shopping center per year

> 1 000


> 3 000


We create spaces of opportunities.
For those, who change the world.
Our company's experience | UD Group

Our directions

Real estate managementReal estate management
Integrated building services and maintenanceIntegrated building services and maintenance
Architectural design officeArchitectural design office

Integrated management of commercial real estate from the development company UD Group. We increase value and profitability of our partners’ projects.

Real estate management

UD Group has been developing urban infrastructure for more than 20 years, creating spaces for our partners’ businesses and modern leisure premises for the citizens. We implement conceptual projects, keeping them relevant and effective.


We are experienced in maintaining objects of different formats and classes; we relieve facility owners from day-to-day maintenance tasks and interaction with supervisory authorities.

Integrated building services and maintenance

Successful development experience and work on unique non-standard projects enabled us to accumulate expertise and establish our own architectural design office UD Project.

Architectural design office

Our expertice

To the investor


We fulfill investment-worthy development projects together with partners.

We increase profitability of commercial real estate objects through efficient management.

We select objects for investment considering partners’ goals.

To the entrepreneur


We create spaces for successful business of our tenants.

We provide management and maintenance of the owners’ facilities.

We select premises for leasing and purchasing.

We design commercial and residential real estate.

To the developer


We increase the value of commercial real estate properties by creating product concepts, providing brokerage and integrated management.

We render design services.


Our projects

Kazan Mall

KazanMall is the largest shopping and entertainment center of Tatarstan, a zone of comfortable shopping and quality recreation for the whole family! The shopping center has more than 150 shops, about 30 restaurants and cafes, a high-tech cinema for 9 halls, as well as an IMAX, a children's entertainment center, an underground two-level parking for 1,500 seats.


GorkiPark is a modern shopping center that has united under one roof the first in the city: Hoff furniture and household goods hypermarket and Lenta hypermarket, as well as "M. Video", "Detsky Mir", children's game park "Treasure Island". In total, there are more than 50 shops, 4 food court concepts and cafes in the shopping center.

Retail Park UDACHA

UDACHA Retail Park is a shopping facility from the UD Group of the European format. Everything that is relevant and in demand among residents of the residential complex is placed on the area of the object. There are non-food and grocery stores, cafes, places to relax. Each room has its own separate entrance, which ensures its conceptual integrity.


UNO is collaborative project of the companies UD Group and Unistroy, combining a longstanding successful experience in residential and commercial real estate construction. UNO consists of 3 residential buildings with a shopping gallery, a kindergarten on the ground floor and a yard-park, a class A business center with co-working.

ART Center

The project concept provides shopping areas, a food space, entertainment, hobby and leisure spaces. Also the multifunctional project will include a modern space with co-working.

Druzhba shopping and office center

This three-storeyed center is a part of an apartment building. The area is 2 605 sq.m. It has been in operation since 2014.

Business center Sphera

The Sphere Business Center is a complex of modern B+ class office spaces. The building attracts attention with its harmonious color scheme and partial panoramic glazing, which expands the space and enhances natural lighting.

ART shopping and office center

A separate building. The area is 2 070 sq.m. The facility class is B+. It has been in operation since 2018.

UniCenter shopping and office center

A four-storeyed center in the area of a construction base. The area is 6 819,4 sq.m. It was in operation from 2014 to 2022.

Multifunctional complex in 36 Gabisheva street

A three-storeyed business center with a basement. The area is 10 633 sq.m. It was in operation from 2014 to 2022.


The total area of commercial premises in the RC is 7 400 sq.m. Premises description: from 45 up to 650 sq.m. on the ground floors with fully finished separate entrances, free layouts and show windows. It has been in operation since 2017.

RC Sokolniki

The total area of commercial premises in RC is 6 300 sq.m. Premises description: from 55 up to 140 sq.m. on the ground floors with fully finished separate entrances. It has been in operation since 2016.

RC Tsarevo Village

The total area of commercial premises in RC is 3 600 sq.m. Premises description: from 38 up to 160 sq.m. on the ground floors with separate entrances in shell condition, with a possibility of repairs in accordance with the corporate style. It has been in operation since 2019.

RC Beseda

The total area of commercial premises in RC is 17 060 sq.m. Premises description: from 43 up to 91 sq.m. on the ground floors with fully finished separate entrances and shop windows. It has been in operation since 2021.

Parking in Dayrskaya street

A development project of UD Group, sold in 2021. The facility area is 16 043 sq.m.

International school UniSchool

The school was built in 2022 on the territory of ART City RC. The facility area is 6 600 sq.m.

Car store and car service

The project is implemented under BTS (build-to-suit) concept, the customer is Transit-Oil LLC. The construction finished in April 2023. The total area is 585 sq.m. The facility consists of a car store and a car service center with 7 stations. The contract of sale of the object was registered on August 05. The company UD Group provided the full cycle of work from design to commissioning.

Our team

Vitaly Kolegov, CFA

Managing Director

“Today it is not sufficient to build square meters in a good location and rent them out. It’s crucial to know your customers, to hear and understand their preferences, to be flexible and change together with them. That is the way to fulfill successful development projects, where the customer returns and the investor gets the maximum profit on invested capital.”

Vitaly Kolegov, CFA

Team of professionals

Valentina Sakhabeeva

Valentina Sakhabeeva

Shopping centers division manager

Mugad Salikhov

Mugad Salikhov

Multifunctional complexes division manager

Oleg Mityunin

Oleg Mityunin

Logistics division manager, head of PM direction

Azat Gaynutdinov

Azat Gaynutdinov

UD Group innovations and technology manager. UD Tech manager

Maria Pyzhjanova

Maria Pyzhjanova

UD Group deputy manager, organizational development and human resources manager

Marsel Unusov

Marsel Unusov

Head of UD Project direction

Ruslan Akhetshin

Ruslan Akhetshin

Head of FM direction, chief engineer

Roman Tyukalov

Roman Tyukalov

Head of Greengy project

Alexey Menzhelevsky

Alexey Menzhelevsky

UD Group deputy finance manager

Vladimir Rib

Vladimir Rib

Technical Customer accounts manager

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